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Chicken Fillets - 5KG Special Offer

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Chicken Fillets - 5KG

If you are looking to buy chicken fillets in bulk then you have come to the right place. With this offer you will receive 20-22 chicken fillets that can then be split and frozen in whatever portion sizes you like.

So for £25.00 you could feed a hungry family of 5, over 4 meals with possibly a couple to spare and that is with chicken fillets that have come from a quality online butcher.

Due to the way our chickens are reared, they will be healthier and plumper than other chickens. This will therefore make our chicken fillets larger than the chicken you may buy elsewhere, ensuring your family will be kept fuller for longer!

This is the perfect way to save money if you eat chicken regularly and have lots of hungry mouths to feed!


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I was really impressed with the quality of these chicken breasts, considering they're amazing value! Far better than any thing from the supermarket, my freezer is full! - Alice

A really economical way to buy chicken. I split the bags when they came in, to freeze and have ended up with 5 bags of chicken, enough to feed a family of 5 each time! Great value! - Jude

Chicken Fillets - 5KG 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.

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