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Buy Beef Brisket

Buy Beef Brisket

Beef brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest and ours has been boned and rolled.

Whey you buy beef brisket, you need to remember that it requires cooking on a low heat for several hours to ensure the meat is tender. Get the cooking right and you have a cheap but extremely tender joint that’s packed with flavour.

As with our silverside beef, this is an ideal beef roasting joint for pot roasting, cooked in a heavy lidded pan in a small amount of water. The steamy atmosphere in the pot then leads to moistness and tenderness in the meat.

You also get fabulous gravy!

Buy beef brisket from Premier Gourmet Foods and you really won't regret it! A really tasty yet economical roast for a Sunday lunch.

Unfortunately we are unable to take any orders at this time but check back soon for some exciting changes

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A lovely joint of meat for a mid week roast. I cooked mine for about 6 hours on a really low heat in a little bit of water - the kids love it and it makes the meat really tender. - Jude

Buy Beef Brisket 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

Beef in Brown Ale

1.25kg/2¾lb lean beef brisket joint
100g/4oz black treacle
Handful fresh mixed herbs, chopped
3 cloves
2.5ml/½tsp black peppercorns
150ml/¼pint white wine vinegar
2 onions, peeled and...Read More

Grilling, griddling and frying times for steaks
Rare steak 1-2 minutes per side
Medium-rare steak 2-3 minutes per side
Medium 4-5 minutes per side
Well-done steak 5-6 minutes per side
Fillet steaks are cut thicker than sirloin and rump, so allow 1-2 minutes extra

Roasting times for beef brisket joints 160-170*c
Rare 20 minutes per 500g, plus 20 minutes
Medium 25 minutes per 500g, plus 20 minutes
Well-done 30 minutes per 500g, plus 20 minutes
Leave the meat to 'rest' for 15-20 minutes after cooking so that the muscles relax and the juices seep back into the meat, making it tenderer and easier to carve.

Casserole and stewing
Cook slow on a low temperature.
Store fresh beef brisket in the fridge. Fresh Beef is always dated, it is the last date we recommend for the use of the product, if being frozen always freeze before this day.

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