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Buy Chateaubriand

Buy Chateaubriand

If you would like to buy Chateaubriand, then just take care - you may not want anything else once you have tasted this wonderful cut of steak!

Chateaubriand prime beef steak has been cut from the rump end of the fillet.

It is one of the tenderest pieces of meat available. traditionally it is roasted, but it can also be cut into steaks.

Buy Chateaubriand and you can serve it anywhere from blue to well done.  It just melts in the mouth if cooked carefully.



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Grilling, griddling and frying times for steaks

Rare steak 1-2 minutes per side
Medium-rare steak 2-3 minutes per side
Medium 4-5 minutes per side
Well-done steak 5-6 minutes per side
Fillet steaks are cut thicker than sirloin and rump, so allow 1-2 minutes extra

Roasting times for joints 180-200*c

Rare 20 minutes per 500g, plus 20 minutes
Medium 25 minutes per 500g, plus 20 minutes
Well-done 30 minutes per 500g, plus 20 minutes
Leave the meat to 'rest' for 15-20 minutes after cooking so that the muscles relax and the juices seep back into the meat, making it tenderer and easier to carve.

Casserole and stewing

Cook slow on a low temperature.

Store fresh Beef in the fridge. Fresh Beef is always dated, it is the last date we recommend for the use of the product, if being frozen always freeze before this day.

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