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And now for something completely different...

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And now for something completely different...

And now for something completely different... Many people and indeed families stick to what they know. They play it safe and cook exactly what they know the children will like or what they are used to. But how about going for something a little different to the norm?

At Premier Gourmet Foods we sell plenty of the standard cuts of beef, pork, lamb and especially chicken. Our offer on chicken fillets is a great one and customers come back time and time again. Our half price offer on a selection of steak is also a great one, as is the barbecue offer.

However we also stock some slightly more unusual cuts of meat. Not kangaroo, crocodile or ostrich as we only source our meat from farms in England and for obvious reasons these are not quite so well sourced, but there are some more unusual cuts of meat that are succulent, easy to cook, yet not quite so well known!

Buy ChateaubriandIn our beef section, we have the wonderful Chateaubriand - taken from the rump of the fillet, this has very little fat and is such a wonderful steak you may not want anything else!

Or perhaps you may like the butchers favourite Cote de Boeuf, a wonderful chunk of steak meat and a great centrepiece if you are having friends over.

Beef brisket over the years has been known as cheaper cut of meat. However it makes for a really wonderful mid week roast and when cooked in a sealed dish with a little water, on a really long low heat, is a really tender cut of meat with very little fat. This is a really economical choice if you like beef and the water that it has been cooked in makes the best gravy ever!

Along with the cheaper joints of beef, we also have the top quality joints, including the marvellous rolled sirloin of beef, very little fat and a glorious choice if you want to impress!

Buy Blade SteaksBlade steaks seem to be building in popularity - they don't look quite so impressive but taste fantastic! Definitely a great choice if you want a really tasty steak!

For those nights when you are entertaining, how about a rack of lamb, french trimmed? A great choice and looks really impressive!

Another real favourite is our belly of pork. It can be cooked in many ways and is a really popular choice when eating out, so why not try it at home?

Our "chicken supremes" are actually really popular. Not to be confused with chicken supreme, the creamy chicken dish, these are chicken breasts with the wing tip left in for extra flavour. They also make for a slightly larger cut of chicken so great for those with bigger appetites.

We couldn't leave this blog without mentioning some of our delicious and rather unusual flavours of sausage! So how about trying wild boar and apple sausages? Or perhaps you like the sound of our rich and super succulent venison and red wine sausages? Just wonderful...

Obviously these are just a small selection of some of the more unusual cuts of meat we sell at Premier Gourmet Foods. Take a look through the main website to see what else we sell - all 100% British meat. We have quite a few offers currently running so it is definitely worth having a browse before placing your order with us....

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