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You are reviewing: Home > Blog > Fancy a Mixed Grill?

Fancy a Mixed Grill?

Fancy a Mixed Grill? There are many versions of the traditional mixed grill. The weather is still lovely, but we always enjoy a wonderful meaty mixed grill. There are no hard and fast rules as to what meat you use, but what we like to add are some delicious cuts of our own 100% British butchers meat, along with mushrooms, tomatoes and perhaps some fries as well.

And if you want to eat outside, then most of this will be perfect cooked on the barbecue...except perhaps the fries!

We can supply you with the best cuts of butchers meat, especially for a fantastic meaty dish such as this.

Our amazing double lamb chops - so much more meat for your money! 2 chops for £5.80

A lovely piece of rump steak. Or you could go for a sirloin. Succulent and so easy to cook. £2.25 for a 4oz steak

And then add in your gammon steaks. Buy as a steak or choose a joint of gammon. 2 steaks for £4.10

You could always add some of our wonderful butchers sausages to your mixed grill, as well as our Angus quarter pound burgers, to make it super meaty! Then just add your cooked tomatoes, mushrooms and fries for a rather wonderful weekend mixed grill - perfect!

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