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Stock up your freezers for the school holidays

School Holidays are Here...
...So Get Yourself Organised!

There is never enough time to do everything in the school holidays!
The kids are always hungry and you run out of food much quicker...

Order some quick to cook British butchers meat from us and make your life much easier

Stock up the freezer!

We also have a summer offer for you - 10% off any order made before the end of July!  

There's lots of meat choices you can have that will make quick and satisfying meals for the kids. Burgers, Sausages, Bacon - all of these can be cooked by your teenagers - making life that much more simple!

Even homemade chicken nuggets will be quick and far nicer than shop bought ones! Our 5kg of chicken breast can be used in many recipes and are also on offer! 

And our family meat hamper will feed a family of 4 for over a week!

You will also make savings on many of our other special offers

So come on, order meat online and you will always have something to cook them over the busy summer holidays!

Don't forget to use our code SUMMERFUN to gain an extra 10% off

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