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You are reviewing: Home > Blog > Want to make a Meat Curry?

Want to make a Meat Curry?

Want to make a Meat Curry? Curry is such a British stalwart and as much as it is lovely to go out to eat curry, it is also really easy to make a good curry at home!

So here are some ideas of cuts of meat that you can use to make a good traditional curry at home:
  • Chicken is one of the most popular, with chicken breast fillets being the easiest cut to use for a curry. However chicken thighs are wonderful as they are full of flavour and will only go to enhance the taste of your homemade meal.
  • Lamb makes for a great flavour in a curry, although not to everyone's taste, it is one of our favourites! It is easiest to use when diced, so buy a leg of lamb, which is the leanest choice and also ideal for dicing. You could however keep it whole for a real crowd pleaser and ideal centrepiece if you are having friends over.
  • Beef or "meat" for the curry connoisseurs, makes for many wonderful choices of menu. Minced beef is great to make a kofta, but in general your order just needs to be diced beef. You could, however, if you want to really push the boat out, buy some of our lean steaks and then dice them yourself!
  • Pork isn't quite as popular for curry, but we still sell diced pork if that is what you would like to use and there are many pork curry recipes around. A slightly leaner meat than some choices, which is great for the waistline if you choose a tomato rather than cream based curry sauce!
Fish always makes a good choice for a curry as well, we won't mention that!!
So whichever choice of meat you are thinking for your curry, make sure you buy it online from Premier Gourmet Foods. That way, you will be assured that your meat is 100% British as well as being free range. But most of all, it's delicious!

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