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Many Ways to Eat Gammon

Many Ways to Eat Gammon Gammon is probably one of the most versatile meats there are. Along with chicken it is wonderful to eat either hot or cold and can be adapted for many cooked meals or snacks, which makes it ideal to have in your fridge all the time! Especially if you have hungry kids always looking for something else to eat!

Boiled ham is great. It can be cooked on the hob, either in water with seasoning, or with something a little more adventurous! Cola is a great one to cook ham in as it brings out a wonderful sweetness. We just add a quartered onion and some black peppercorns and the flavours just some oozing out. Ham can be boiled and then scored before finishing off in the oven, to create a lovely glazed joint. And the flavours while cooking, are just fantastic!

Or your joint of ham can be roasted from the start, to make a really popular meat for the Sunday roast. A tip though, would be to buy a larger piece of meat needed, so that you can have some leftover! The dilemma then is whether to have gravy or white sauce with your roasted ham and it's totally down to preference. We like white sauce with mashed potato and veg for a hearty midweek meal, whereas roast potatoes are great on a Sunday with lots of gravy. And don't forget the Yorkshires - we love these with any roast dinner!

So many meals can be made with leftover ham, which is why we suggest you buy a larger joint - such as:
  • Ham egg and chips
  • Ham sandwiches
  • Chicken and ham pie
  • Pea and ham soup
  • Spaghetti carbonara
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Jerk chicken - a particular favourite!

The lists are endless and all totally and equally delicious.

Smoked gammon just intensifies the flavour and makes for a more salty taste. Both types of gammon, smoked and unsmoked are equally nice and it just depends on your taste. We sell boneless joints of meat, just ready to be cooked. Or if you are feeling really up against it, then we can supply you with a joint of gammon already cooked - how easy is that! Or sliced, yes we also supply cooked sliced ham - for all the everyday sandwiches!

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