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Want to buy Meat from Online Butchers?

Want to buy Meat from Online Butchers? We are a traditional family butchers who have been running our business for over 50 years. We decided to become online butchers as our customers were asking time and time again if they could order their meat online to be delivered. If you want to buy meat from online butchers but are a little wary as to what you will be receiving then please don't worry - you can try us first by ordering something small just to see!

We are really happy that we are now supplying our meat online as it has opened up a whole new world for us. We can now shout to the whole of the UK how wonderful our butchers meat is, rather than just to our local community who already know how good we are!

You only have to compare our prices to some of the larger online butchers out there to realise how competitive we are on price. People go with what they know and don't always consider there may be better options - Us!

We are happy to provide you with your weekly or monthly meat, or perhaps a meat order for a special occasion. Don't forget you will get free delivery for all orders over £70 (UK Mainland only) but also don't forget our delivery is only £3.99 anyway, so a small order is fine too! For an extra £5 you can also have your meat delivered on a Saturday.

Buy topside beef onlineYou don't have to choose one meat on it's own - we offer online beef,100% British and farm to fork traceable, free range chicken, 100% British lamb, reared outdoors and grass fed, as well as online pork, 100% British & farmed to the red tractor standard. Our veal is from sustainable West Country farms.

Then there are our wonderful and ever popular butchers sausages, handmade using traditional methods and quite a few different recipes.

We have special offers running all the time - currently a couple of our top offers are for a selection of our finest steaks as well as chicken fillets. We are also offering half price on cumberland sausages and with spring and summer hopefully on our doorstep there is also 1/3 off a barbecue selection - how can you resist?

So please try out our online butchers - we guarantee you will return once you have tried our 100% British meat online.

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