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Best Meat To Eat With Salads

Best Meat To Eat With Salads So we suppose summer is limping quietly around the corner. We are now in for a few days of warmish or lukewarm sunshine down in the south east of England so here's hoping it will hang around for a few days to dry us all out a little!

So what we thought may be quite nice to blog about is what is the best meat to eat with salads. Obviously there is quite a varied choice and we will probably only choose a few but some just don't cut it in our opinion as they are far better hot and aren't quite the same when eaten cold. So these are our top choices:

1. Steak - we love a bit of steak at Premier Gourmet Foods and there are plenty of choices, depending on the size of your appetite and how lean you want it. Take a look and choose what you fancy, some come small and perfectly formed and others are real man-sized chunks of hearty meat!
2. Chicken - an obvious choice as it's lean meat, lovely cold or hot and goes really well with salads and lots of different dressings!
3. Gammon - we sell this sliced and already cooked, so what could be easier! Or if you would like to buy cooked ham but you slice it yourself, then we can help with that too. You may want thicker chunks, which are lovely with salads. We also sell it smoked or unsmoked for you to cook yourself. All great choices and very easy to work with.
4. A good old juicy beef burger always makes for a great choice to have with salad - keep it slighter lower in calories by not having the burger bun! Our Quarter Pound Angus Burgers are just wonderful!
5. Sausages are great too as you can enjoy all the different flavours we offer in our butchers sausage selection with so many different ingredients adding wonderfully tasty bangers!

Also we are pleased to note that most of these choices you can buy on special offer - so you will be saving money as well as enjoying tasty choices and the best meat to eat with salads.

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