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Lower Fat Choices for Healthy Eating

Lower Fat Choices for Healthy Eating Everyone starts off the New Year with good intentions! This doesn't always last, but while you are keen to exercise, improve your diet and lose a few pounds, then why not choose some of the lower fat and leaner meats we can supply you with? Lower fat choices for healthy eating, as well as cutting out sugar is an ideal way to lose weight and take the pressure off other parts of your body.

Chicken is always a good one, as is turkey! Definitely turkey - if you haven't had enough of it over the last month!

Pork however is the other white meat. Ounce for ounce, pork tenderloin actually has less fat than a chicken breast, and is also getting leaner every year as we find new ways rear them and cook it. We have some amazing pork fillets that will be guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Of course, the downside to this is that it is the pork fat that makes pork taste so good—which explains why ham and bacon are far more popular than the leaner cuts. For obvious reasons, bacon and sausages don't figure in this blog post, unless you are contemplating the Atkins diet or other high protein diet, but pork (minus the crackling) is a really great choice for a leaner meal with plenty of good protein.

So back to chicken - to give you extra flavour you can always eat the brown meat as well as white, which many top chefs advocate anyway. We have chicken supremes as well as chicken fillets, if you don't want to mess around carving a whole chicken - which is however, possibly the best value. We also have our marvellous offer for chicken fillets - a real winner if you have a hungry family!

Buy turkey steaks onlineTurkey has always been known as a low GI meat, full of protein, yet lean and tasty. With Premier Gourmet Foods, you can buy either our diced turkey breast for casseroles or stews, or perhaps you prefer the turkey steaks for a traditional "meat and two veg meal". This makes an ideal choice if you like the psychological process of cutting a steak to eat!

So here are just a few of our favourites for the new slimmer and healthier you - lower fat choices for healthy eating - obviously you still need to cut out the chocolates, alcohol and biccies but these choices of meat will be a really healthy option for helping to shift any excess pounds and give you a good start to 2015!


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