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Free Sausage and Bacon!

Free Sausage and Bacon! Everyone likes to receive a nice present at Christmas and all our loyal customers are no different.
Which is why we are making the offer that for every Kg of our delicious turkey breast joint you order between now and our last delivery date before Christmas, we will give you 6 sausages and 6 rashers of bacon.

So, for example, order 4Kg of turkey and you will receive 24 succulent butchers sausages and 24 rashers of streaky bacon! That should cover all the extras you want, meatwise for your Christmas lunch!

Then all you need to do is order your veg and something yummy for pudding and you are sorted! Obviously the alcohol isn't included either!

The only work we are asking from you is to wrap the bacon around the sausages and that's a lovely festive job anyway!
Look forward to hearing from you...

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