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Ordering Meat for Thanksgiving?

Ordering Meat for Thanksgiving? As we all know, Thanksgiving is an American tradition and national holiday. It is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November every year and on this day, families join together to say thanks for everything good that has happened in the year. Traditionally it goes back to the crops being safely harvested but has now evolved into a celebration of thanks.

Traditionally, it is also turkey that most families will eat. However, as it is over in the Uk at Christmas, more and more are moving away from the "traditional" meat and looking to eat their favourite choices for a luxury roast dinner.

Normally choosing the best cuts for this special meal, if our customers are ordering meat for thanksgiving, then they will choose a quality joint of meat, with a good size as it will be feeding quite a few and then perhaps other side cuts of meat such as sausages or gammon and ham to complement it.

So what would we think should be the best choices for you if you are ordering meat for Thanksgiving? Well, a lovely joint of beef would probably be the ideal choice - probably a quality piece of topside beef. Succulent and flavoursome, plus you can choose a joint up to 5kg if you order from us, which will make for a hearty meal for your family with noone going hungry.

If it is pork you are looking for, then you can choose a leg or shoulder of pork; we go up to 3kg with both of these joints, so it would be for a slightly smaller sized family.

A leg of lamb can be bought from us up to 2.5kg, which would feed a good sized family. Full of flavour and so tasty.

If it is turkey you are looking to buy though, then we would like to provide you with a turkey breast joint going up to 6kg in weight. This would still be the best choice if you are entertaining a large group of people.

So this is just a snapshot of what you could choose if you are ordering meat for Thanksgiving celebrations in the UK. We look forward to sharing it with you!

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