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Everyone Loves a Sunday Roast!

Everyone Loves a Sunday Roast! We all know everyone loves a roast dinner. well most people do! Having so many taste sensations on your dinner plate is a wondrous thing and each mouthful can be slightly different. It is a great way to have lots of different vegetables, including some you may not always have midweek and these can help to make your plate look colourful and inviting!

A Sunday roast is also a tempting choice for younger children and is a really good way of getting them to try new flavours, including different choices of meat, perhaps stuffing and definitely new vegetables. You can either cut it all up and mix together so they don't know what new and healthy veg they are eating or be brave and keep each one separate on the plate. There are some flavours that may be stronger, such as sprouts or red cabbage, but covered in lovely meaty gravy will help to entice them and make them eat it all!

So how do you eat your Sunday roast? Do you eat the bits first that you don't specially like? That's definitely what some of us do - eat the boring veg first, having the meat and potatoes to enjoy last and keep the wonderful roasty flavour in your mouth once finished. However it is still a lovely way to eat roast dinner by cutting your food to enjoy different taste sensations in your mouth at once. A piece of succulent meat, a jot of stuffing, some potato and a veg added to your fork to enjoy time and time again - just wonderful! Even a lovely homemade Yorkshire pudding to add into the equation and let's face it, most have Yorkshires with any meat these days - why stick to just beef!

So what choices can we help you with to make your Sunday roast just a little bit more special? Obviously we can't cook it for you, choose the vegeatble that will accompany the rest of your plate, but what we can do is offer you some wonderful joints of meat, totally British and fresh that you will enjoy - the only downside will be that you will probably eat it all so there won't be any leftovers for Mondays evening meal!

We sell them all really! Roast lamb, chicken, beef, pork or gammon (and lots of our customers love a joint of ham for their Sunday meal).

If you like a bit of lamb, then you can choose between a shoulder or leg, Both great choices, one having slightly more fat than the other, but this just adds to the flavour.

With beef, there are so many more options to choose from, with topside, silverside, rib of beef, ribeye, or the wonderful sirloin. For a slightly more economical cut of beef then try beef brisket - just lovely when cooked long and low, especially steamed in water to make great gravy!

Again some nice boneless cuts of pork are available to tempt you, including a leg of pork, a shoulder, pork loin and of course the wonderfully flavoursome pork belly.

With our gammon, just choose your preference of smoked or unsmoked - easy!

Then of course you have all the accompaniments, including fresh apple sauce to go with your pork, either horseradish sauce or mustard with beef - or both! For lamb, you can't go wrong with either mint sauce or jelly and then chicken, hmm what goes well with chicken? Sage and onion stuffing of course! Then with gammon, you can wither have gravy or perhaps a lovely white sauce.

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