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Having a dinner party? What meat do you fancy...

Having a dinner party? What meat do you fancy... So what do you normally cook when having a dinner party? Chicken? A joint of beef? Perhaps topside or a nice piece of steak. Well it's time to dust off those recipe books and come up with something a bit more unusual - soemthing to really impress your guests and make them want second helpings!

So what do you like? Beef? Pork? Lamb? Well what can we offer you that will be a real winner for your evening of entertainment!

Beef Steak

Firstly, how about a lovely piece of beef - but don't just choose the safe options, go for something a little different, such as Cote De Boeuf or Chateaubriand. As long as you cook them to perfection, you will probably never eat anything again! The downside is that it could increase your food bills!

Cote De Boeuf is a lovely thick piece of rib eye steak and ideal if you have some real meat lovers sitting with you.

Chateaubriand has been cut from the rump and is a more delicate steak, very little fat and can be sliced to be served however you want it. Just melts in the mouth!


Lamb shanks make a wonderful choice for a dinner party. They can be cooked gently in a wonderful aromatic stew and be a great talking poitn - loads of meat on them, which is lovely.

A rack of lamb also looks great - simply stunning and easy to split amongst your guests - make sure you have napkins though!


How about medallions of pork - pork fillets are a great choice, fairly low in fat, yet full of flavour.

The trendy pork belly always makes a great choice - looks great on your table and smells wonderful!

Of course you can choose a lovely joint of meat, to roast and serve with various winterr accompaniments - also a lovely choice for a dinner party. We just always like to shake it up a little and offer you something different!

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