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Can You Buy Minced Beef Online?

Can You Buy Minced Beef Online? Having a fresh meat delivery online still makes people nervous. Can you really supply 100% fresh meat in a way that is the same as going into a butchers or supermarket and picking it off the shelf yourself? Well yes of course you can is what we say!

Our meat is packaged in a way that keeps it fresh for longer. Rather than sitting in the shopping trolley for a while and then in the warm boot of a car to be transported home. It is refridgerated at all times and cut, delivered and wrapped in cool packs to keep it fresh and at the correct temperature, until it arrives at your home where it can be either cooked, stored in the fridge or frozen.

Many of our customers will buy minced beef online whenever they place a meat order. When you have a busy lifestyle with an active family who are always hungry, then minced beef probably makes up at least one meal a week. Whether it is the classic spaghetti bolognese, a heart warming lasagne, Italian meatballs, a nice and spicy chilli con carne or perhaps that Friday night treat of tacos, the list is endless as to what you can do when you buy minced beef.

Even though we sell our Angus Quarter Pound burgers (and a wonderful choice that is!) obviously you can use minced beef to make homemade burgers - adding all your own flavourings and spices to make them exactly how you like them.

So when you are placing an order for fresh meat delivery with us, then please add some lean minced beef - you will definitely use it and don't forget it can be cooked, gently, from frozen so even more useful if you forget to remove anything from the frreezer! And our minced beef is made from only the best cuts of meat - butchers meat always has less fat and other ingredients that you may get in other products!

We have two choices, 95% lean minced beef or 85% lean minced beef which is on offer at the moment!


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