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About Us

Traditional Family Butchers
We have been traditional family butchers for the past 50 years. Father to son and then grandson, we pride ourselves that we have been providing a quality product for so many years.


Having had a well respected retail outlet for such a long time, we branched out into the catering trade approximately 30 years ago.  We began by serving local restaurants, pubs and other food outlets, many of whom we still have as loyal customers to this day; a testament to our knowledge and product.


Now we want to bring this well respected knowledge and superb product to a wider audience hence the wonderful service we are now offering.

Online Traditional Family Butchers

Starting out my father Jeff had a very traditional shop trading in a Sussex high street, this is where I  learnt the trade, definately at my father's knee! In fact the only way to see my Dad was by going to work for him, as he worked very long hours, although I did go to Smithfield college along the way.

Having trained I then wanted my own shop, and at the very tender age of 20, I started out with a shop of my own. This is where my business blossomed and with lots of hard work and heartache, I made it into a success.


The butchery industry has changed greatly over the years, and we have obviously had to move with the times. We started delivering 27 years ago to pubs  from the back of my Ford Fiesta. As the business grew we invested in vans and now have a fleet of modern, temperature controlled vehicles travelling across the Southeast daily.


My Son David Joined me 20 years ago when he was just  12, washing up on a Saturday morning. Although  I lost my dad some years ago, I will never forget his help and tutelage in the art that is butchery.


Our hope is to bring to you an old fashioned high street butchers, with modern standards, right to your door step.


Best Regards


Terry & David