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Buy Smoked Streaky Bacon

Buy Smoked Streaky Bacon

Smoked streaky bacon is perfect for those wanting a more flavoursome bacon, if wrapping sausages for christmas or just making a bacon sandwich.

The streaky bacon is cut from the belly which is naturally a bit fattier but wow does it taste good. As well as it having great flavour, once smoked it is just bursting with it! 

Ideal in many recipes as the slow and wonderful smoky smell will just ooze into sauces and enrich your dish.

We also offer unsmoked streaky bacon; still just as fabulous a flavour, without having been smoked.

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Always cook Gammon/Bacon to a temperature of 72*c or above
Store fresh gammon/bacon in the fridge. Fresh gammon is always dated, it is the last date we recommend for the use of the product, if being frozen always freeze before this day.

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